Construction Management Services


Construction Management Services

Trustworthy, Reliable, and Quality Contractors

Looking for a contractor to build your dream house or plaza.? No job is simply too big for Spectrumbiz. Our partner contractors will do any reasonably construction job for you. From project style, estimation, material purchase, to the management and supervision of contractors & the labour, trust The Spectrumbiz to do the duty for you. We further ensure price and quality control. therefore whether or you’re building or constructing a house, office, or an ad plaza, or reworking your property, The Spectrumbiz is prepared to service you. we have a tendency to conjointly supply maintenance & repair services that cowl Electrical, Painting, Plumbing and HVAC works.


  • Design(architecture, elevations, basic exteriors & interiors, layouts, structure, and the maps of electrical / plumbing / HVAC systems) through qualified architects on our panel.
  • Design Approval and Permit We ensure the design / layout is signed off by an approved Structural Engineer and get it approved by the relevant govt. authority of your area (CDA, Bahria , DHA, etc).
  • Estimation provide you accurate measurements, costs of labour, and bill of materials, so you don’t overspend or fall short of manpower or supplies.
  • Material Purchasing Purchase material at discounted rates through our supplier network.
  • Transportation We manage the transportation of labour, construction equipment, and all materials such as bricks, fixtures, gravel, sand, and steel.
  • Contractor, Sub-Contractor, & Labour Management We manage and supervise all staff and workers, arrange substitutes, and handle their time management.
  • Supervision & Quality Control We supervise, keep a strong check on the construction site, and ensure there is no compromise on quality or on project delivery time.
  • Progress Updates We provide routine updates to our clients along with site pictures to keep them informed about construction progress. This is especially useful to those clients that are living in far cities or overseas.

House Sizes in Square Feet (Approx. Covered Area)


Size Single Storey Double Storey With Basement
 5 Marla House 1125 Square Feet 2250 Square Feet 3250 Square Feet
10 Marla House 1800 Square Feet 3200 Square Feet 4100 Square Feet
1 Kanal House 3000 Square Feet 5500 Square Feet 6800 Square Feet

*The above are estimates for the covered area only. They may vary according to the Architects design layout, demand of the client, or restrictions placed by the respective Housing Society or Local Development Authority.

Our Construction Rates


Services Details Rates in PKR
 Grey Structure Only(with foundations, gate, iron grills, plaster, ramps, roof, sewerage, tanks, and walls) 1,350 Per Square Feet
 Complete Turnkey Solutions Fully ready to move in house with keys (Good B Quality House(with good local fittings) 2,400 Per Square Feet (add Rs. 200 if with Basement)
 Very Good A Quality House(with excellent quality local & imported fittings) 2,800 per square foot(add Rs. 200 if with Basement)
 Excellent A+ House(with high quality imported fittings including designer bathrooms & kitchens etc) 3,600 per square foot(add Rs. 200 if with Basement)

Additional Information:

  1. The rates in point 2 above are for complete Turnkey Solutions. Therefore our partner contractors will provide all the labour / workers, materials such as doors, fixtures, gates, lights, outer boundary wall, paint, tiles, wood, wiring etc. You will be handed over keys to a fully finished ready to move in house.
  2. Newly Constructed Houses come with Standard 1 Year Warranty.*
  3. New Houses will be provided after support with our Basic 1 Year Maintenance Membership under which they will receive Free Monthly Visits for maintenance & repair.*
  4. The client will be responsible for arranging & paying separately for Electricity, Gas, and Water Connections as their availability is beyond our control. Water boring will also be paid for by the client.
  5. Quotations through the phone and email are free. However, if the quotation requires a physical visit to your premises, then a fixed non-refundable Visit Feewill be charged.
  6. If there is some job you can’t find in the price list above, please call us and we all gladly give you a quote.